Evaporative Open

Evaporative Service – Pre Season Open

Let Us Open-Up, Check & Report on your Evaporative Airconditioner

Worry Free Service & Pre Season Open.

Please phone 131 750, or complete our online form and we’ll contact you.

Checks and Tests

  1. Open Unit – leave cover in appropriate, safe location.
  2. Lubricate Blower Shaft and Bearing Housings.
  3. Adjust Vee Belt tension and Pulley alignment.
  4. Check Axial Fan alignment and screw tension – set and adjust.
  5. Turn on Water/Electrical supply, check Ball Float & Valve operation.
  6. Measure Motor Current – visually inspect electrical components.
  7. Clean Pump, Filter, Reservoir & Distributor Channels.
  8. Clean & flush Filter Pads. Check water distribution.
  9. Monitor water flow rate & adjust bleed off control.
  10. Check Fan speeds, air flow, ducting, connections & outlets.
  11. Add Easy Dose sanitise Cartridge if specified.