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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Adelaide

If you live in a place that experiences moderate temperature fluctuations throughout the year, you’ve probably heard people rave on about reverse cycle air conditioning, or heat pumps. Many people who have reverse cycle air conditioning in their homes swear by them, but is getting one of these units installed all it’s cracked up to be? Here’s everything you need to know about reverse cycle air conditioning – how it works, how it’s different from other types of air conditioning on the market, and how it can help you and your family stay comfortable during both hot and cold months.

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What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

Some people call them heat pumps, while others call them reverse cycle air conditioners – either way, these names are used to describe a type of air conditioner that uses a refrigeration cycle to cool your home, and a reverse refrigeration cycle to warm it up. Reverse cycle air conditioning works to heat your home by using a compressor, which pumps refrigerant through chambers and into a condenser. As the refrigerant is compressed, it warms up – at which point, a fan blows hot air into your room. Once the refrigerant has done its job, it flows through to an evaporator and cools down before being pumped back into the condenser and recycled. When this cycle is reversed, cold air is blown into your home instead, cooling you on those long, hot summer days.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners Let You Enjoy a Range of Health Benefitss

Reverse cycle air conditioning does more than just heat your home – it also offers a range of health benefits. Living in a home that regularly sits below 16ºC can put you at risk of acquiring respiratory diseases, so having a warm, dry home heated by reverse cycle air conditioning can help. The conditioner’s air filtration system can keep dust mites at bay, which is great for any allergy sufferers in your home. Heat pumps also dry the air, which helps remove excess moisture and humidity from your home – and a drier home is easier to heat and more energy efficient

Others include:

Factors That May Influence Your Purchasing Decision

These units are not ideal for locations that experience extreme temperatures. Because part of the unit is kept outside the home, reverse cycle air conditioning will not work in the extreme cold. Ice tends to form on the outdoor unit, meaning that the unit will have to switch to its air conditioning mode to warm the outdoor unit and melt the ice. Unless you want the air conditioner on in the dead of winter, it is advisable to choose either a different kind of air conditioning, or to pair your heat pump with a natural gas heating system.

The size of the reverse cycle air conditioning unit you choose will depend on the size of the room (or rooms) that you are heating and cooling. Make sure you have an expert come to your home and assess your needs – if the unit is too large for the space it will be too powerful and decrease efficiency, and if the unit is too small it will be incapable of heating the space efficiently; either situation will leave you with an inefficient air conditioner that won’t do much more than waste your money.

While it is nice to have a toasty warm house to come home to in winter and a chilly reprieve from the heat of summer, running your reverse cycle air conditioner on maximum is not advised. Try a milder, “room temperature” setting between 20 and 23 degrees for a pleasant home heated (or cooled) efficiently.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners Replace Central Air Systems and Furnaces

If you are thinking about installing a more traditional air conditioner over a reverse cycle air conditioning and a more traditional air conditioner, you may want to reconsider your decision. The cost of installing a traditional air conditioner and a reverse cycle air conditioner is much the same. If you opt for a traditional air conditioner, you will need to rely on a gas furnace, wood stove or other solution in order to heat your home. A reverse cycle air conditioner can heat and cool your home using the same infrastructure.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners are Energy Efficient

Whether you’re energy conscious or money conscious, reverse cycle air conditioning is perfect for you – it is more energy efficient than other leading types of air conditioning. Studies show that for every electrical energy unit reverse cycle air conditioners use, they move three units of heat. This means a reverse cycle unit is better for the environment and for your wallet, saving potentially thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs every year.

Reverse cycle air conditioning is the perfect solution to your home temperature problems in summer and winter. The units are energy efficient, easy on the environment and good for your family’s health and wellbeing. These units are not for every household in every climate, of course, but if a reverse cycle air conditioning system will suit your home, you can rest assured that it will suit your budget and environment. If you’re upgrading or replacing your home heating and cooling system, a reverse cycle air conditioner is a great all-season solution to help you stay comfortable and save money

Ducted Reverse Cycle For Your Home

In a home situation you can keep the peace with by controlling the environment automatically with Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioning. You can control the temperature in different rooms of the house from one central controller, and have it set to a temperature that suits everyone in your household.

For instance a Samsung inverter ducted reverse cycle system can automatically adjust the capacity of the system to cope with any variations in temperature, helping to eliminate climate fluctuations so that your comfort is never compromised.

Their systems are designed to keep on working even on those extremely hot or cold days with an operating range of -15° to 50° outside air temperature for cooling and -20° to 24° for heating.

From early beginnings in 1938 as a small trading company, Samsung has evolved to a world-class corporation. Samsung Electronics Division was formed in 1969 and today they make everything from dishwashers to smartphones. In fact, by general” rule of thumb “if it runs on electricity, Samsung probably makes it”. The brand has become one of the most powerful and recognizable names in tech.

Your advanced Samsung high-tech air conditioning system comprises an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, a number of outlets for the various rooms in your home, a network of ducting to connect the system throughout your home and an intuitive wall controller that obeys your every command.

The outdoor unit contains the Samsung ‘Smart Inverter’ compressor which circulates refrigerant to the indoor unit and back again. The unit also contains a heat exchanging coil and a fan which blows air across the coil.

The indoor unit, hidden from view, also contains a heat exchanging coil that cools the air in your house in cooling mode and warms it in heating mode. A fan then blows the conditioned air through the Ducted reverse cycle installed in your roof space to the outlets in the ceiling of each room.

Samsung’s smart technology helps maintain a comfortable temperature without constantly shutting off and switching on the compressor. It is an intelligent and effective use of air to ensure you receive minimal climate fluctuation.

Samsung’s wall controllers are available in standard or premium options.

Standard controllers offer you features like:

  • Quick access ON/OFF temperature selection buttons.
  • ON/OFF timers to allow the system to be stopped or started after a set time has passed (to help prevent the system from being left on accidentally).
  • Built-in room temperature sensors
  • Upper / lower temperature limit settings (to help prevent temperature changes outside a set range).
  • Child-lock
button and permission levels (to give families extra peace of mind).
  • Filter replacement alert.

Premium controllers also include a number of advanced features:

  • Clear, bright LCD backlighting.
  • Real-time clock function.
  • A weekly operation scheduler so that you can set your system to run automatically at certain times each day of the week.

A Samsung system is covered by Samsung’s five year parts and labour warranty.

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