Backup Generator for Home Use and Power Failure


It is possible to have summer storms, and you may also have to experience blackouts that come with this weather, wouldn’t you rather have a backup source of power to keep your family safe from the storm rage? A power outage can be a pretty scary time, especially if you have young children or elderly relatives living with you, or if you are someone who depends on appliances or electricity in your home for safety.

Home generators are affordable and feasible generators for unforeseen power outages. At Sharpe Group, we stock a range of home generators suited to varying needs whether you want a small generator capable of running low-energy appliances for the time it takes for the outage to be sorted, or you want generators for home or business use that can keep your power running regardless the power situation.

If you need help choosing between available generators, or if you’re ready to buy today – we can help. Call us for expert advice on 131 750 or place your order online.

Don’t Be Left in the Dark!

Sharpe Group stocks a range of generators for blackouts suited for various situations of power outage with different features and power levels.

  • EU10i Honda Generator – If you need a generator that can run a small fridge, a few lights and maybe an appliance or two, then this is the generator for you. This small and highly portable home backup generator works to keep you going until the power returns. So if that’s all you need, invest here first.
  • EU22i Portable Honda Generator – IDEAL FOR BLACKOUTS – When a blackout occurs and you need to keep your home going, this generator is perfect for your needs. The 2000W Honda generator will keep your lights running and power your fridge, ensuring you don’t suffer any food spoilage or other concerns.EU30iu HANDI Portable Honda Generator – This handy generator is easy to manage and manoeuvre, and is ideal for use in most applications in the home. When a power outage happens, you want to know that you’re going to be able to keep using the lights and appliances in your home, and this handy transportable generator is perfect for high fuel efficiency with a maximum power output of 3000W.
  • EU30is Portable Honda Generator – Ideal for most power applications in the home, this portable and powerful generator is the perfect option if you want to keep your home running as if there was no outage at all. You will be able to power up any of your frequency-sensitive electrical equipment easily, making this a great choice for the home
  • EU70is Honda Generator – Ideal for emergency power backup for home and business, this is a powerful generator capable of running for up to 18 hours on a single tank of fuel! You will enjoy smooth, high-quality power flow, which means that you can safely enjoy the power to your frequency and voltage-sensitive equipment like laptops and communications equipment.

How to Choose Your Blackout Generators

The Honda generators are designed to be used in the home. However, with that in mind, there are some additional things to consider to ensure that you make the right choice for your home generator needs.

EU22i w sticker small


As we outlined above, there is a range of sizes when it comes to generators for home use, and it’s up to you how much power you’ll need for your home. If you only want to power some lights and a small fridge during a blackout, then a smaller generator up to 1200W should be fine for you.

If you have a family-sized fridge and want to run lights and appliances, then you might need to spring for the 2000-3000W range of generators which are just about able to mimic mains power.

Anything more than this and you need to think about the size and output. Best to speak to one of our team on 1800 442 447 to make sure you choose the right level of power for your home.


Want more power but don’t love the noise that comes from a generator? With Honda’s super quiet generators, you will enjoy minimal noise interruption with superior power output.


Think about the kinds of features you need for your generator. Is a push start important to you? Perhaps a remote start would be helpful as you can start up the generator without having to go outside? Meanwhile other features like the sine wave inverter can help with ensuring regulation of power.


In the event of a power outage, you want to know you have a consistent and dependable source of power to hand. Most of our inverter generators can run for 7+ hours, but you should always have a secondary source of fuel to help with emergency situations.

Need more information? Take a look at our informational videos to discover even more about your home backup generator.

 Sharpe Group providers of Honda Generators

The next time you receive a storm warning, you can be stress free knowing that you and your family will have power availability for lighting and appliances among other things. Invest in a home generator with Sharpe Group making your home safe and comfortable in power outages.

If you’re looking for more information get in touch for a Honda generators brochure. We gladly can send you one, or call us on 131 750 for advice. If you are done with the selection process make an order with us online and get your backup generator, Adelaide delivered early.

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