Book your Worry Free $165 Evaporative Cooler Service – Season Shutdown

Protect your evaporative cooling system from Winter’s wild weather – storm winds rain and hail damage!

Let Us Shutdown, Check & Report on your Evaporative Airconditioner

An Evaporative Cooler Service Shutdown will make sure your System is checked after heavy Summer use. Be worry free, save time and hassles.

Sharpe Technicians will comprehensively run checks and tests plus record a detailed report to fully guarantee your systems operation to manufacturers recommendations.

Call 131 750, or complete our online form [below] and we’ll contact you.

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Checks and Tests

  1. Inspect and flush Filter Pads, report on wear and condition.
  2. Clean unit & water Distributor channels.
  3. Clean and check Ball Float, Valve Assembly,
    Pump & Filter.
  4. Drain & clean Water Reservoir, remove dirt
    and mud build up.
  5. Test run to check Motor and Shaft Bearings
    for noise and wear.
  6. Isolate water to unit / Electrical supply.
  7. Remove & check V-Belt for wear.
  8. Apply spray seal protective coating to
    required components.
  9. Visually check integrity of all flashings,
    bolts & fastenings.
  10. Close unit with appropriate cover if avail.