Evaporative Close Service

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Let Us Shutdown your Evaporative Air for Winter

Worry Free Service & End of Season Evap Shutdowns.

Checks and Tests

  1. Inspect and flush Filter Pads, report on wear and condition.
  2. Clean unit & water Distributor channels.
  3. Clean and check Ball Float, Valve Assembly,
    Pump & Filter.
  4. Drain & clean Water Reservoir, remove dirt
    and mud build up.
  5. Test run to check Motor and Shaft Bearings
    for noise and wear.
  6. Isolate water to unit / Electrical supply.
  7. Remove & check V-Belt for wear.
  8. Apply spray seal protective coating to
    required components.
  9. Visually check integrity of all flashings,
    bolts & fastenings.
  10. Close unit with appropriate cover if avail.