Book your Worry Free $165 Evaporative Cooler Service – Open

The extreme weather this year is wreaking havoc with evaporative cooling systems. Suffering blown in pads, cracked frames & water leaks caused by storm winds, hail damage and super heat!

Let Us Open-Up, Check & Report on your Evaporative Airconditioner

An Evaporative Cooler Service will make sure your System will manage the EXTRA demands of our long Hot Summers, by achieving maximum efficiency and safety. Be worry free, save time and hassles.

Sharpe Technicians will comprehensively run checks and tests plus record a detailed report to fully guarantee your systems operation to manufacturers recommendations.

Call 131 750, or complete our online form [below] and we’ll contact you.

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Bonuses, Tickets, Savers

6 Trades  –  30 Techs

8 Service Types

100’s Product Savers

Checks and Tests

  1. Open Unit – leave cover in appropriate, safe location.
  2. Lubricate Blower Shaft and Bearing Housings.
  3. Adjust Vee Belt tension and Pulley alignment.
  4. Check Axial Fan alignment and screw tension – set and adjust.
  5. Turn on Water/Electrical supply, check Ball Float & Valve operation.
  6. Measure Motor Current – visually inspect electrical components.
  7. Clean Pump, Filter, Reservoir & Distributor Channels.
  8. Clean & flush Filter Pads. Check water distribution.
  9. Monitor water flow rate & adjust bleed off control.
  10. Check Fan speeds, air flow, ducting, connections & outlets.
  11. Add Easy Dose sanitise Cartridge if specified.