Gas Heating Services – Can’t always smell the Danger!


Gas and carbon monoxide leaks pose a serious risk to your family.

NEARLY half of Australian households use mains gas as a domestic energy source, but many people are unaware of the importance of a service schedule.

According to the most recent statistics by the Metropolitan Fire Service, there were 285 gas odour and leak incidents in Adelaide.

There have been 20 gas incidents involving injury or property damage in the last 2 years.

In addition to this, every year in Australia, 364 people are hospitalised with Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Signs and symptoms

  • Is your gas-powered water heater, appliances or heating old?
  • Was their last servicing a long time ago?
  • Have they been performing intermittently?
  • Were any of your gas appliances installed by an unlicensed tradesman?

If you notice any of these, contact Sharpe Immediately for a Gas Inspection.

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A Sharpe Specialist will ensure the operating efficiency,
reliability and safety of your gas heating system.
Ensure you experience the benefits of gas heating and cooking – safely:

  • Gas Appliances
  • Ducted/Floor/Wall Heating
  • Component Examination
  • Piping and Gas Line Inspection
  • Hot Water System Testing
  • Ductwork Checks
  • Efficiency Testing

Written report provided on completion.

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Technical Secret

Sharpe Expert Gas Technician Dan thinks you should know that Carbon Monoxide Detectors that ordinary people can buy and install are unreliable and potentially dangerous.

This is because there are no Australian Standards regarding sensitivity and reliability.

You should only use a permanent, electrically integrated detector installed by an Accredited Gas Technician, or request gas tests and servicing using professional equipment.

Always use a Licensed Gas Technician

Choosing a Gas Repair company that is a member of the Plumbing Industry Association (PIA) of South Australia is a vital decision if you want to ensure you receive a high level of service.

Membership of the PIA ensures that the work is carried out by a licensed & insured professional, with a history of quality work. If a Gas-Fitter doesn’t have a PIA logo, then they shouldn’t get your money.

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