Gas Heating System Service

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We will ensure all connections are secure, controls are working, and Installations comply with all current Australian Standards.

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Protect against another Gas Tragedy

Your Gas Heating Systems need to be kept in first-class working order.

Gas and carbon monoxide leaks pose a serious risk to your family.

Checks & Tests

Gas/Ducted Heating or Gas Floor/Wall Heaters

  • Conduct electronic leak test on unit
  • Inspect, clean & check pilot’s condition
  • Inspect, clean & check main burner’s condition
  • Inspect, clean & check heat exchanger condition (combustion chamber)
  • Check gas valve’s operation
  • Run and test unit’s operation
  • Check fan(s) operation
  • Check integrity of Ductwork/Installation
  • Check operation of damper motors
  • Check electronic components & zone controls
Beware the Unlicensed Gas Technician