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Book your Worry Free Solar Safe System Service

To ensure your Solar System remains in first-class working order, we recommend thorough cleaning, inspection and testing to ensure the continued safe and efficient operation of your system.

Includes panel clean – up to 20 panels !

If you have more than 20 panels please call for a quote.

Please phone 131 750, or complete our online form and we’ll contact you.

Solar Power System Test

Is Your System Solarsafe?

Electrical Power System Tests of your Solar System are essential for safety and to maximise power savings from the Summer Sun.

Checks & Tests

PV MODULES (Solar Panels)

  • Clean debris from around/under array
  • Visual check PV Modules (fractures, browning, corrosion etc)
  • Inspect PV Module junction boxes, tension of connections, integrity of lid seals, integrity of cable glands & clamping devices
  • Verify Bypass diodes


  • Adjust tension and integrity of bolts and other fastening devices
  • Inspect for corrosion on array mounting structure

If you would prefer to print the form – and return via email, fax, or post – please click on the PDF image/link.

Solar Safe System Service PDF


  • Inspect mechanical integrity of conduit system
  • Test insulation integrity of cabling installed in conduits
  • Inspect wiring junction boxes. Tension of connections, water accumulation, integrity of lid seals, cable entries & clamping devices.


  • Inspect all wiring connections for tension and corrosion
  • Test and measure open circuit voltage and short circuit current


  • Confirm correct labelling of system
  • Test operation of circuit breakers and verify RCD’S results
  • Test operation of earth fault protective system
  • Verify operation of solar array isolation device

Grant Franks A3505393

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