Does Your Solar System require service?

Earn the most from your solar using the Summer sun. Ensure your system is solar safe and achieving maximum efficiency.

Sharpe Technicians will comprehensively run checks and tests plus record a detailed report to fully guarantee your systems operation to manufacturers recommendations. A complete electrical switchboard test is included ensuring all is working properly   …plus bonus solar panel clean.

Is Your Solar Inverter Faulty?

Solar Inverters are complex pieces of equipment, and like all electronic devices can go wrong.  But sometimes when it looks like the inverter is faulty it is actually a problem with other parts of your grid connected solar system.

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No lights on the inverter?

Firstly re-boot the system, by turning all the switches off, then putting them on again.  Not sure how to restart your system?

If nothing happens, contact us. It may be that your inverter is faulty, and cheap inverters will often look dead, and not have any error messages.

If there are no lights, and nothing showing on the screen it may also be there is no DC power getting to the inverter.  This is very easy for us to check, a visit from us will enable us to diagnose your problem.

Error message on your inverter?

Again, firstly try re-booting your solar system by turning all switches off, then turning them back on again. If it is still not working please contact us with the details of the manufacturer, model, when purchased, and a detailed description of the error message. Alternatively take a photo of the error message and send it through, sometimes we can assist you without a call-out.

Some error messages will tell us what we need to do to fix your system.  Please make sure you have this information when you contact us.


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Bonuses, Tickets, Savers

6 Trades  –  30 Techs

8 Service Types

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Checks & Tests

PV MODULES (Solar Panels)

  • Clean debris from around/under array
  • Visual check PV Modules (fractures, browning, corrosion etc)
  • Inspect PV Module junction boxes, tension of connections, integrity of lid seals, integrity of cable glands & clamping devices
  • Verify Bypass diodes


  • Adjust tension and integrity of bolts and other fastening devices
  • Inspect for corrosion on array mounting structure


  • Inspect mechanical integrity of conduit system
  • Test insulation integrity of cabling installed in conduits
  • Inspect wiring junction boxes. Tension of connections, water accumulation, integrity of lid seals, cable entries & clamping devices.


  • Inspect all wiring connections for tension and corrosion
  • Test and measure open circuit voltage and short circuit current


  • Confirm correct labelling of system
  • Test operation of circuit breakers and verify RCD’S results
  • Test operation of earth fault protective system
  • Verify operation of solar array isolation device