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Installation, Supply and Repair

Sharpe’s Ceiling Fan Installers are Certified Electricians, who install ceiling fans in all Adelaide Suburbs. If you do not have a ceiling fan already, we are also able to offer a supply and install service for your convenience.  Our ceiling fans are of Top Quality and come with a Great Guarantee.

Our experienced electrical team can assist you in finding the best fan for your home or business to suit your needs and expectation.

There are some key elements that you must consider in your decision in order to get the maximum energy efficiency and usage from your ceiling fan which is generally important and not only the consideration of colour and style. Choosing the perfect ceiling fan for your room, house or business can reduce the rooms temperate by 2-8 degrees, providing cooling without the increased cost. Sharpe Group can assist with all ceiling fan requests such as the installation, repair and replacement of indoor ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans and ceiling fans with lights.

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The Benefits of Ceiling Fans in Adelaide

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In summer

During our hot Adelaide Summers, the correct installation of ceiling fans can bring relief with a cool flow of air inside or outside your home at a very low noise level. Our Fan Installers will ensure that the fans are installed so that the air circulation from the fan can cool the surrounding air temperature by 4 to 5 degrees. Outdoor ceiling fans increase the outdoor comfort levels, which can also improve the comfort levels when entertaining at night.

To maximise the cooling from your air conditioner you could install a ceiling fan that re-circulates the cold air from the air conditioner thereby reducing energy usage. This in turn also decreases the required thermostat setting and saves power usage. Buy ceiling fans and install your new ceiling fans from Sharpe. Sharpe stocks up on their ceiling fan range from a basic white ceiling fan to ceiling fans with LED lighting.

Energy efficient cooling

On average, ceiling fans cost approximately 13 cents per hour to run. In the long term, the correct installation of Ceiling fans in Adelaide homes and businesses can save you money annually as it reduces your energy costs.  Later ceiling fans with 6 Star Energy Ratings, are often used in new buildings as required by the government.

Ceiling fan installation couldn’t be easier

Our Ceiling Fan Installers in Adelaide are able to install and repair ceilings fans for home, business or industrial purposes. Sharpe Services supplies a range of ceiling fans, which our ceiling fan installers are experienced in installing and repairing. Be sure to receive quick yet professional service each time you call us.

Which ceiling fan is right for you?

Unsure on which ceiling fan is right for you? Find out with our useful easy guide – How to choose a ceiling fan. We can assist you with all your ceiling fan requirement as we have designer ceiling fans, cheap ceiling fans and industrial ceiling fans for various functions.

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Sharpe is the name to trust when it comes to electrical in Adelaide. Because we have a large team of qualified local electricians in Adelaide who can provide a truly local service. When you call to the office, our efficient administration team will ask you where you live and they will schedule the closest electrician.

Licensed Electrician with the best tools and equipment

We only employ fully trained Master Electricians and we are a member of the Master Electricians Australia. Our Electricians drive a fully stocked service vehicle with the full range of common stock items as well as an electric eel and all other tools and ladders.

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