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Interior Lighting: Ensure your interiors shine with beautiful lighting fixtures and fittings from Sharpe Group. With a wide variety of lighting ideal for any home, we are sure to have exactly what you need to create the perfect ambiance in every room of your home today.

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Why is lighting so important?

Interior lighting is important because the overall perception of the room depends on it. Any living space without appropriate lighting gives off a different feel. Interior lighting has the ability to provide ambiance, mood, comfort and brightness to any given room also altering the size of it for perception. It is essential that lighting to a room is matched with its outlay and specific task, which is difficult to achieve however, it is crucial when designing the interiors of a building.

What is meant by ambient lighting?

Ambient lighting refers to the lighting of a space or area appropriate to it, it may also be known as general lighting.Having a source of ambient lighting is fundamental in any interior. This kind of lighting is important as it gives the space its character. Ambient lighting helps create a sense of comfort and relaxation depending on the space too. Ambient lighting ensures that the light given out is just sufficient and not over whelming being evenly distributed. while givin out sufficient light output and it not being too much.This is the most common component of a lighting scheme and is the one you’d expect to see in most homes.

What is a lighting plan?

Lighting plan is to be made at the time of getting your interiors designed. You will need to decide on the lighting fixtures fitting that would need to be installed. Lighting plans help in order to make perfectly illuminated areas in your home. Your lighting plan usually starts to take shape after architectural and interior plans are done. To be more efficient with your lighting and installations the rooms will need evaluation regarding the type of lighting that will be placed in them. Different rooms will require specific lights to suit the room and placed appropriately for proper functioning, as well as make the rooms beautiful and comfortable.

What are the three main types of lighting?

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting as it implies provides general ambiance to any given room, it also creates a uniform feel to the homes lighting. Depending on your lighting scheme the lights generally are installed in a particular way in the ceiling or around the home for illumination.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is mainly for aesthetic purposes as it highlights certain features and parts of a room or furniture to make it stand out adding extra character to the room.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is at the base level of the lighting scheme where lighting and smaller fixtures are installed when a certain task requires it such as bedside lighting, study or office lighting,  or cooking lighting.

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