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Don’t put up with leaking taps

A single leaking tap can waste up to 24 000 litres of water per year!
Now that is a lot of water getting wasted. It is worth contacting Sharpe Plumbers in Adelaide  to take advantage of our “fix a leaking tap” services! Sharpe Group can fix all types of leaking taps and can perform leaking shower repairs, from modern day flick mixers to traditional compression style taps. Sharpe Plumbers can also carry out water leak detection and Gas Leak Detection services in Adelaide to ensure there are no other underlying leak issues in your home or office.

Let our team fix your dripping tap, fast.

We have a team of master plumbers who can fix your leaking taps quickly. Our plumbers can carry out anything from replacement washers to installing new eco friendly water saving taps  and shower repairs if your leaking tap cannot be fixed. Leaking taps and Leaking Showers can cause damage and decay to your walls and internal areas of your building. Our Sharpe Group plumber will arrive at your property in a work vehicle, fully stocked with spare parts, washers and repair equipment to enable tap repairs to be carried out immediately and without delay. Furthermore, Sharpe can carry out leak detection to find damaged pipes and leaking pipes.

Tap leaking?

The amount of water that is wasted from a leaking tap can easily be saved. Our plumbing team can fix leaking:

  • shower taps
  • bath taps
  • vanity taps
  • kitchen taps – including dishwasher taps
  • many styles of mixer tap
  • garden taps
  • laundry taps – including those attached to the washing machine
  • toilet taps

Is your mixer tap leaking?

Mixer taps are a great modern convenience, allowing quick one handed use of the tap. Some mixer tap models are designed for fast replacement of washers or other parts, however some manufacturers have produced taps which are not repair friendly. If this is found to be the case with your leaking mixer tap our team carries quality, water saving replacement taps to minimize impact on your home life.

Tap washer replacement and much more

Ignoring a dripping tap is never a good idea. The small amount of water which initially comes out of the tap drip by drip is often a sign of a deteriorating washer. If the washer falls apart all together the drip can quickly turn into a running tap, which, if you are not at home to catch it can lead to a flooded room quite rapidly. Tap washer replacement is usually a quick task for a licensed plumber, don’t put it off.

Sharpe Group Leaking Tap Repair

Call a Sharpe master plumber to get so the source of the problem and provide a solution to stop that leaking tap on 131 750 or complete our Service Booking Form today.

Sharpe is the name to trust when it comes to plumbing in Adelaide. Because we have a large team of qualified local plumbers in Adelaide we can provide a truly local service. When you call to the office, our efficient administration team will ask you where you live and they will schedule the closest Plumber.

Licenced Plumber with the best tools and equipment

Sharpe Group only employ fully trained Master Plumbers and we are a member of the Master Plumbers Association. Our plumbers drive a fully stocked service vehicle with the full range of common stock items as well as an electric eel and all other tools and ladders. Sharpe Group have plumbers that specialize in blocked drains and can unblock your drain and repair the pipe without having to dig up your property.

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