Evaporative AC Open – Prepare for Summer

As the days get longer householders should start thinking about getting their cooling systems set up for summer.

Sharpe Group, Adelaide’s leading specialist in household heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing and solar, has a range of service packages on offer.

Let us pull the wraps off your Evaporative Cooler for Summer.
An annual Evaporative Cooler Open-Up Service & Check will help you avoid safety issues and ensure the systems are at their most efficient for the hot weather.

We will Inspect, Test & Report on your Evaporative cooler – including filters, fans, pumps, float valves and water feed and drainage.

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Don’t lack Evaporative Air Conditioning Service!

Signs and symptoms

  • When you turn on your Evaporative unit, does it emit an unpleasant smell?
  • Is your unit starting to produce excessively humid air?
  • Does your unit sometimes have difficulty starting?
  • It only produces a small amount of cool air?
  • Has there been a gradual reduction in the amount of airflow?
  • Has your unit started consuming significantly more water?

If you notice any of these problems,
contact a Sharpe Technician immediately.

Select worry free Agreement $165

A Sharpe Air Conditioning Specialist will ensure the operating efficiency,
reliability and safety of your Air Conditioning System.

Evaporative Service includes:

  • 10 Point Check List
  • Visual, Electrical and Water Flow Inspections and Testing
  • Filter, Valve and Reservoir Inspection and Cleaning
  • Moving – Parts Check & Lubrication
  • Ducting, Connections and Outlets Inspection

All Major Air Conditioning Brands.
Written report provided on completion.

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Technical Secret

Sharpe Accredited Air Care Expert recommends that getting your Evaporative Air Conditioner cleaned is a really effective way of ensuring continued performance and reliability.

Steve warns that a common problem with evaporative systems is the build up dust and dirt on the filter pads.

This cuts down cooling efficiency and eventually causes them to slide down inside the unit, forcing water into the air ducts and leading to costly repairs to your roof or ceiling.

Spring Smell Solution

If you use your evaporative air conditioner for prolonged periods, you may start to notice a pungent smell from the ducting.

This occurs because the inside of your unit provides ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria and other organisms.

The constant transport of air helps spread spores and bacteria, leading to mould health-effects.

Evaporative air conditioner owners can solve this problem by getting an Easy-Dose Sanitizer Cartridge installed in their system. This is an effective long-term solution for both removing and preventing micro-organisms.

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