Electrical Services – Fired Up for your Safety

Avoid the Switchboard Problem Lottery

Electrical fires are surprisingly common and a very real risk if you live in a house with old or unprotected wiring. Adelaide City Council has warned that many older homes have outdated electrics which are considered to be below acceptable safety standards.

Heavy electrical use over winter and summer can inflict significant damage to old circuits and components.

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Don’t let this become your house!

Signs and symptoms

  • Do you have to use extension cables in many areas?
  • Do you regularly connecting heavy electricity-use appliances (heaters) to powerboards?
  • Do your electrics frequently trip?
  • Do your power outlets emit strange buzzing sounds and become hot?
  • Are your electrics old, outdated or haven’t been recently serviced?
  • Do you use lots of appliances or multiple powerboards?

If any of these problems occur in your house, call SHARPE for a
Licensed Electrician immediately.

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A Sharpe Electrician will conduct:

  • Visual, Electrical & Thermal Testing
  • Appliance Safety & Usage Testing
  • Switchboard/Meter Board Inspection
  • House Electrical Systems Inspection

Written report provided on completion.

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Technical Secret

Most people don’t know that that an Accredited Electrician can conveniently increase the number of powerpoints in their home.

Many members of the public are unaware of the potential damage they can do to their electrical circuits by using too many powerboards, and that they are putting themselves in significant danger by using them without installed electrical safety devices such as Safety Switches or Surge Arrestors.

Safety Recommendation

Sharpe Accredited Technician Aaron says that for the best possible protection, you should have a maximum of two circuits for one safety switch. Having too many connected to one device decreases the operational performance of the switch and could put you at risk in the rare event that one fails.

It is also recommended that you install at least two Safety Switches on a switchboard.

The Legrand Excel Life USB Charger Mechanism is a great solution to your shortage of electrical outlets.
Solve the lack of sockets by getting a Sharpe Licensed Electrician to install an integrated USB Powerpoint.

Power multiple devices with only two power sockets!

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