Evaporative Air Conditioner Service

Evaporative Air Conditioning Service

Don’t lack an Evaporative Air Conditioning Service!

It’s Time…
is your Evaporative Cooler air conditioner overdue for a Safety Service, inc. System Check, Clean & Operational Test.

Our accredited Air Conditioning technicians are experienced in providing a comprehensive Evap Air Conditioning Service.  The two main evap services include the Evap Open Service and the Evap Close Service.

An Evap Opening Service is generally done mid spring as it is heating up and it also allows some working time before the summer heat arrives.

Evap Close Services are generally conducted closer to winter, when temperatures are getting cold and the weather becomes more windy and wet.  The practice of opening and closing an Evaporative Cooling system will significantly increase the life span of your evap unit and it will enhance it’s effectiveness and efficiency over it’s lifetime.

Our air conditioning service techs are also experienced in identifying faults and will ensure that your evap is repaired in a timeous manner to ensure that your Evaporative Cooling System runs smoother.

When Evaps are not serviced, your filter pads will collapse. Not only will this severely restrict the ability to cool your home, you run the risk of water leaking into your roof space. A leaking evap can also lead to a severe fire danger in your house or office.

Don’t forget that faulty fan motors and pumps are a common problem and quickly transform into an inferno, aided by the ducting connected to your air conditioner.

You can easily protect your home and optimise your evaporative cooler’s performance with a worry free Sharpe Evaporative Safety Service. Our accredited evap technicians will Inspect, Test & Report on multiple aspects of your evaporative cooler – including air filters, fan motors, pumps, float valves, water feeders and drains.

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A Sharpe Evaporative Air Conditioning Specialist will ensure the operating efficiency,
reliability and safety of your Evaporative Air Conditioning System.

Evaporative Services include:

  • 10 Point Check List
  • Visual, Electrical and Water Flow Inspections and Testing
  • Filter, Valve and Reservoir Inspection and Cleaning
  • Moving – Parts Check & Lubrication
  • Ducting, Connections and Outlets Inspection

We service All Major Evaporative Air Conditioning Brands.
Written evap service report provided on completion

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Being associated with accreditation organisations means that we are trusted to provide top quality trades and services. We ensure that our technicians have the best skills, knowledge and practice for the trade. Be worry free with SHARPE.

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It will grow on you!

A seasonal evaporative cooling service will prevent unnecessary costs and problems with evaporative air conditioners.

The evap air conditioner pictured is a recent snap of a local evaporative cooler taken by one of our Air Conditioning Techs when called to a poorly performing unit. Guess what was inside? Avoid an Evap Service and it will grow on you! When was your Evap Cooling System last serviced?


SA’s weather will clog evap pads & filters, block airflows, seize water pumps & rust internal components. Keeping air quality at a comfortable level and an efficiently functioning unit can only happen if you maintain a yearly evap service.

Book a Worry Free Evap Safety Service Now. Sharpe technicians comprehensively check, test and complete a detailed report on your system’s operation in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation.







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Evap Cooling Technical Secret

For optimal performance, you should replace your evap filter pads every 3 years. If your evaporative cooling unit is over 10 years old, consider investing in a new evaporative air conditioning system. The latest evaporative air conditioners have seen significant improvements in water and energy efficiency, along with quieter operation and improved control systems.

Signs and symptoms of a faulty Evaporative Cooling System.

  • When you turn on your Evaporative Cooling unit, does it emit an unpleasant smell?
  • Is your evap unit starting to produce excessively humid air?
  • Does your evap unit sometimes have difficulty starting?
  • Evap only produces a small amount of cool air?
  • Has there been a gradual reduction in the amount of airflow?
  • Has your evaporative unit started consuming significantly more water?
  • Is your evap leaking water?

If you notice any of these problems, contact a Sharpe Evap Air Conditioning Technician immediately.




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Don’t delay on ducting

We frequently inspect properties where the owners haven’t checked their evap ducting in years. Ceiling space temperatures can exceed  50°C in summer. The Intense heat causes the joining tape between different sections to deteriorate and makes the outside of the ducting brittle so it splits apart. Dust, debris and vermin also significantly damage evap ducting. Cool air is therefore lost before it ever reaches you.

Talk to out air conditioning technicians about upgrading to the latest high efficiency evap ducting. We can even provide ducting bonded with flame retardant, keeping you safe while you feel the savings.

Evaporative Cooling Ducting

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