Evaporative Close Safety Service


Don’t let dirt and grime build up in your cooler!

Shutdown your Evaporative Coolers for Winter

Now that Adelaide is experiencing colder and wetter weather, you need to give your evaporative airconditioner an end of season shut-down. Not only will this improve the heating efficiency of your home, it can increase the Life and long-run performance of your cooling system. Frequent use over Summer can wear the components of your evaporative system, affecting long-term reliability and efficiency, all this should be checked at Shutdown.

Electrical faults within evaporative air conditioners have been known to cause dangerous roof fires, with the added danger of your unit’s ducting will provide a conduit for the flames to spread throughout your home. Shutting Down for Winter is critical for Evaporative AC’s.

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Evaporative Close Safety Service – ‘Sharpe Services’

A Sharpe Air Conditioning Specialist will ensure the operating efficiency,
reliability and safety of your Air Conditioning System.

Evaporative Close Service includes:

  • 10 Point Check List
  • Visual, Electrical and Water Flow Inspections and Testing
  • Filter, Valve and Reservoir Inspection and Cleaning
  • Moving – Parts Check & Lubrication
  • Ducting, Connections and Outlets Inspection

All Major Air Conditioning Brands. Written report provided on completion.

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Technical Secret

Sharpe Accredited Air Care Expert Steve recommends that getting your Evaporative Air Conditioner cleaned is a really effective way of ensuring continued performance and reliability.

A common problem with evaporative systems is the build up dust and dirt on the filter pads.

This cuts down cooling efficiency and eventually causes them to slide down inside the unit, forcing water into the air ducts and leading to costly repairs to your roof or ceiling.

Signs and symptoms

  • When you turn on your Evaporative unit, does it emit an unpleasant smell?
  • Is your unit starting to produce excessively humid air?
  • Does your unit sometimes have difficulty starting?
  • It only produces a small amount of cool air?
  • Has there been a gradual reduction in the amount of airflow?
  • Has your unit started consuming significantly more water?

If you notice any of these problems,
contact a Sharpe Technician immediately.




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Evaporative Pads

Although filter pads would appear to be of good condition, sometimes over a span of years, efficiency has been lost due to a breakdown of the actual construction of each fibre and a clogging of strands of fibre by mineral deposits leached from the water, and airborne dusts.

Between 20 – 40% efficiency is lost over a 12 month period, so replacement of pads for maximum coolness during our hottest days, is most desirable. For maximum efficiency we recommend changing of Aspen Woodwool filter pads every 18 months – 2 years, and CELdek pads 2 – 4 yearly, providing pads have been cleaned on a regular basis to prevent build up of deposits. To prolong the life of your pads, you could turn off the cooling cycle (pump) 5-10 minutes prior to shutting down the fan.

This helps to dry the pads out before the unit is shut down, therefore preventing a suitable environment for algae (which can cause an unpleasant smell) when there is no airflow. The most important way to prolong the life of your pads is to shutdown the evaporative airconditioner for Winter.