Hot Water, Stoves & Ovens Safety Service


Avoid hot water & cooking safety issues!

A Hot Water and Cooking Appliance Service and Check will help you avoid safety issues, and ensure the systems are at their most efficient.

Small problems affecting your oven/stove one can soon turn into significant ones.

Home Gas equipment needs to be in first-class working order – so we recommend a Gas Safety Check annually.

We will ensure all connections are secure, controls are working, and Installations comply with all current Australian Standards.

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A Sharpe Specialist will ensure the operating efficiency,
reliability and safety of your hot water & cooking System.

Ensure you experience the benefits of gas heating & cooking safely:

  • Gas Appliances
  • Ducted/Floor/Wall Heating
  • Component Examination
  • Piping and Gas Line Inspection
  • Hot Water System Testing
  • Ductwork Checks

Efficiency Testing Written report provided on completion

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Signs and symptoms

  • Found your oven or stove is taking longer to heat up?
  • Have hotspots started to develop on your oven/stove element?
  • Oven is burning or inconsistently cooking food?
  • Control knobs or oven door get abnormally hot?
  • Circuit Breaker frequently tripping when using your oven?
  • Oven door won’t close properly?
  • Heat damage to areas outside the oven?
  • Hot water not reaching desired temperature?
  • Water heater started to make weird noises?

If you notice any of these problems, get a professional Sharpe Technician to examine it.

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Technical Secret

Having difficulty closing your oven door is a sign that something is wrong. A faulty seal will let heat escape, meaning it wastes energy and takes longer to reach required cooking temperatures.

Faulty seals can also let out enough heat to damage kitchen units adjacent to your cooker.

Electric vs Gas

Research has come to light suggesting that electric stoves and ovens are better for your health than a gas equivalent.

Gas stoves release more toxic chemicals, both from the gas and the food that is being cooked.

The study determined that cooking resulted in the increased production of potentially dangerous chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), heterocyclic amines, mutagenic aldehydes and ultrafine particles.