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Protect your home & office plumbing from hidden hazards.

Old Pipes, Blocked Drains…


High water bill? Leaking Hot Water System, toilet, taps…

Neglecting to test & inspect old, pipes, drains and hot water systems can be costly.

Sharpe’s Plumbing Safety Services include the checking for leaks in water pipes, stormwater pipes, hot water system, taps and plumbing fittings.  Our Plumbing Safety Service is available to all houses and offices in all Adelaide Suburbs.   Save the painful shock of high water and emergency plumbing repair bills, extend product life and protect property and lives.

With rising water bills and difficulty with Water Leak Detection, you should ensure that your drains can cope with the scorching summer and wild winter temperatures by speaking to an Accredited Adelaide Plumber today.

We also have 24/7 Emergency Plumbers in Adelaide ready to respond to your Plumbing Emergency within the hour.


Plumbing & Hot Water Electrical Safety Inspection.

A Sharpe Plumber will conduct:

  • 17 Point Check
  • Indoor and Outside Plumbing
  • Visual and Camera Inspections
  • Moisture, Pressure and Flow Tests
  • Stormwater Analysis
  • Water Heater Evaluation

Written report provided on completion.

First job $165. Customer Rewards please enquire.

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Being associated with accreditation organisations means that we are trusted to provide top quality trades and services. We ensure that our technicians have the best skills, knowledge and practice for the trade. Be worry free with SHARPE.

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Pipe & Drain Disasters

Houses over 50 years old should have their pipes, drains & hot water professionally inspected, every 5 years.

The huge water leak pictured adjacent of the old galvanised piping was upgraded last month by our technicians. Water & pipes are under high pressure and can cause enormous damage when they fail.

Drain Risks

Has your water bill has gone into excess? Do your pipes make a hammering sound when you turn a tap? Is water slow to drain from the shower? Adelaide’s clay soils, combined with ageing or galvanised pipework, can cause long-term problems. The same applies to household drains, especially with older earthenware pipes.

Book a Worry Free Plumbing Service Now Sharpe plumbers will comprehensively check, test and complete a detailed report on your pipes, drains, connections and all internal fittings, ie: taps.







Be Safe with


Technical Secret

Sharpe Accredited Plumber Mark advises residents of old houses to get their drains regularly checked.

A large percentage of the older homes he inspects have issues relating to the age of drains. This is due to many being made from earthenware or ceramic pipes, which over time crack and become susceptible to tree or shrub roots entering.

You should act before this happens, as once blockages develop; it will become a recurring issue without a major repair.

Signs and symptoms

  • Noticed stains, paint blisters or damp patches along walls or flooring?
  • Pavers or concrete slabs in your garden started to become uneven or lift?
  • Is your home or plumbing old?
  • Have you previously had drain blockages or breakages?
  • Was your last water bill unexpectedly high?

If any of these problems occur in your house, call SHARPE for an Accredited Sharpe Plumber today.



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Adelaide’s Reactive Soil Problem

You may or may not know that Adelaide has some of the world’s most reactive soil.

Adelaide sits on clays that react extensively to changes in moisture. The types of clay found in Adelaide significantly expand and contract depending on the amount of moisture in the soil.

This expansion and contraction causes soil movements that can result in significant damage to both your drains and plumbing i.e. drain risks !

Older pipes made of weaker and more brittle materials are most at risk of cracking and fracturing.

Soil movements can also cause subsidence, damaging the structural integrity of your home and your internal plumbing.

What Adelaide’s Soil Problems Can Mean for your Drain

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