Solar Safety Service – Serious Savings


Protect your solar system from hidden hazards.

Faulty Solar Systems Present Serious Risks!

Our solar technicians have had to attend numerous solar system faults last summer.

We’ve already had to send electricians out to resolve faulty and dangerous isolators, failed inverters and damaged wiring.

We have had to inspect major faults with both obscure and better known brands. Many problems can occur at both the inverter and harder to reach areas like your roof top.

Safely maximise the potential of your solar system this Spring by getting a Sharpe Accredited Solar Technician to conduct Inspections and Tests on:

  • PV Modules
  • Railing system
  • Wiring
  • Inverters
  • Switchboard
  • Panel Cleaning included

Discount for Multiple Agreements and written report provided on completion.
First job $165. For Customer Rewards please enquire.

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Signs and symptoms

  • Are you experiencing surprisingly high electricity bills or unexpectedly low feed-in revenue?
  • Do you want a flexible solar system that can be easily upgraded?
  • Want a system that can maximise output?
  • Worried about faults and breakdowns?

If any of these problems occur in your house, call SHARPE for an Accredited Sharpe Solar Expert today.

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Secret Savings

Sharpe Solar Expert Grant advises solar system owners to have their panels regularly cleaned.
Things like bird droppings, dirt, dust and mould can quickly accumulate on your solar panels.
When a layer of particulates forms over a panel, it restricts the ability to absorb the sun’s energy and produce electricity. This can reduce your system’s performance by 30%.
Don’t try to clean the panels yourself as household cleaning materials can damage solar cells, so any panel cleaning should be done by a trained professional with specialist equipment.

New Solar Technologies Deliver Substantial Savings

Microinverters can remove many of the obstacles to system flexibility and performance common in standard solar systems.

Rather than one inverter for a whole system, a Microinverter can be attached to a single panel. This means (unlike a standard inverter) in the event of a problem with one panel, all the others can continue operating normally.

Microinverters also allow easy upgrading (add more or different panels) and a simpler installation process, as lower voltages mean no special DC conduit cabling is needed (240v compared to 600v).

Microinverters also last substantially longer than standard DC Solar Inverters.

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