Solar Safety Service

Solar Service Adelaide

Protect your solar system from hidden hazards.

Have you ever…

had your Solar Power System, Battery, Inverter and equipment operationally Tested & Serviced?

Our Expert Solar Techs are experienced in providing a comprehensive Solar Service in Adelaide.  The Solar Service will include:

  • Clean, Check & Testing of each Solar Panel
  • Check & Testing of the Wiring, Isolators & Connections
  • Testing the Inverter for Faults & Errors
  • Testing the Solar Switch in the Switchboard

In addition to the Solar service, we can also test & check your battery.

Battery not connecting to the internet?  We can fix this too.

Our Solar Technicians are certified electricians, who attend to Solar Services, Solar Repairs, and Solar Installations on a daily basis.

Sharpe Services is able to provide the Full Solar Solution to homes and offices in Adelaide.  View Energy Hub for quality Solar & Battery Systems at very affordable rates

We inspected major faults with both obscure and better-known brands. Many problems can occur at both the inverter and hard-to-reach areas like your rooftop.


Solar Safety Service & Clean – ‘Sharpe-Services’

Safely maximise the potential of your solar system this Spring by getting a Sharpe Accredited Solar Technician to conduct Inspections and Tests on:

  • PV Modules
  • Railing system
  • Wiring
  • Inverters
  • Switchboard
  • Panel Cleaning included

Discount for Multiple Agreements and written report provided on completion.

First job $165. Customer Rewards please enquire.

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Being associated with accreditation organisations means that we are trusted to provide top quality trades and services. We ensure that our technicians have the best skills, knowledge and practice for the trade. Be worry free with SHARPE.

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ARCtick Authorisation

Scary Solar

Your rooftop panels and components could be an unseen electrical or fire hazard to your family. Inspect every year.

The solar system pictured in Wayville last month shows extensive cable damage and was discovered by one of our technicians hidden under cracked panels.


Sharpe technicians are identifying scary numbers of poorly installed solar power systems, many with defective and recalled equipment – all highly dangerous.

Now is the time to check if weather conditions or power faults have stressed or damaged your system’s panels, Inverter or connections, plus assess any bird or rodent damage to isolators, wiring, seals or cable insulation.

Be confident your system is performing at optimum levels so you can maximize power production each year.

Book a Worry-Free Solar Safe Service Now. Sharpe technicians comprehensively check, test and complete a detailed report on your system’s operation in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.







Be Safe with


Secret Savings

Sharpe Solar Expert advises solar system owners to have their panels regularly cleaned.

Things like bird droppings, dirt, dust and mould can quickly accumulate on your solar panels.

When a layer of particulates forms over a panel, it restricts the ability to absorb the sun’s energy and produce electricity. This can reduce your system’s performance by 30%.

Don’t try to clean the panels yourself as household cleaning materials can damage solar cells, so any panel cleaning should be done by a trained professional with specialist equipment.

Signs and symptoms

  • Are you experiencing surprisingly high electricity bills or unexpectedly low feed-in revenue?
  • Do you want a flexible solar system that can be easily upgraded?
  • Want a system that can maximise output?
  • Worried about faults and breakdowns?
  • Know if your system was put in by an unqualified installer using sub-standard equipment?

If any of these problems occur in your house, call SHARPE for an Accredited Sharpe Solar Expert today.




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New Solar Technologies Deliver Substantial Savings

A common problem solar owners tell us about is that it’s very difficult to know how well their solar is performing other than looking at feed in tariff payments or if there is a major system problem.

Luckily Sharpe has the solution. Talk to one of our solar experts about installing the latest power monitoring system, putting you in control by showing your power production and usage in an easy to read display. Not only can you see your output in real time, it can help you identify small faults before they turn into major problems.


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