Foxtel in Multiple Rooms


Looking to install Foxtel for multiple rooms?

Foxtel for multiple rooms – Many people purchase subscriptions to Foxtel, however, the inconvenience many people face is that one can only have access to the Foxtel service in the room in which it is installed. To be able to watch Foxtel in multiple rooms you need to subscribe to “Foxtel Multi-Room” package at additional costs every month but not to worry

Sharpe Group can install Foxtel for multiple rooms with the installation of extra Foxtel Outlets instead, so you do not need to subscribe for the multi-room package. Sharpe can assist you with your Foxtel Subscriptions and Components such as Foxtel remote controls, Foxtel Installations, and Foxtel Cable Internet.

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How do we provide Foxtel to multiple rooms?

Sharpe Group TV and Data Electricians are able to install additional Foxtel outlets throughout your home without you having to be in the same room as the box to view your many programs, plus it is all completed legally.

If your Foxtel box set up in your living room as is most commonly for the majority of users, Sharpe technicians can distribute the signal from that box to other rooms in your home by using a series of Foxtel approved cables flowing accordingly. We can further set it up in such a way that you may change channels while the box is in another room. However, unlike free-to-air TV, it only allows you one Foxtel program at any one time.

In order to have the best Foxtel experience Sharpe Group technicians can assist you to ensure clear screening.  Sharpe Group can install Foxtel Outlets in multiple rooms in your home, and as many you’d like hassle-free so that you can take full advantage of your subscription.

Finally, you won’t have to pay any extra for your Foxtel subscription and you will get the freedom to watch your favourite programs wherever you are in the home.

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